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Basic performance characteristics of high-power DC power supply

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     In our daily life, AC power is often used, but in some scientific research institutions, laboratories and electronic production lines, DC power supplies are used more. Due to the current passing through the circuit is more stable, so DC power supplies, especially high power DC power supply is widely used in the above case.

Performance characteristics of high-power DC power supply

The high-power DC power supply is a continuously adjustable DC power supply with a single-chip microcomputer as the core and does not need to cut off the load online adjustment. The power is generally around 10-150A. It is the main tool for developing, testing and testing online devices. There are many functions and the operation is relatively simple. In recent years, with the rapid development of power supply technology and the continuous improvement of product application requirements, high-power DC power supplies have been widely used.

Performance characteristics:

1. Specifications: wide range output voltage 0-600V, current 0-3000A optional;

2. PWM modulation, high gain amplifier circuit design, the core components are all imported components to ensure long-term stable and reliable full-load operation;

3. Small size, light weight, installation size is 19 inches, suitable for workbench and rack installation;

4. Voltage and current presets: there are preset buttons on the panel to preset voltage and current values;

5.Perfect protection function: output over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature shutdown protection, short-circuit protection etc.;

6. Intelligent: It can be connected with a PC to form a PC monitoring intelligent power supply;

7. Communication interface: standard RS485, RS232 digital communication interface, 0-10V/4-20mA analog signal interface, moudbus-rtu standard communication protocol

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