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The company carries out "reading to strengthen wisdom, improve myself, return the society" reading month activity

发布时间:2012-03-10  来源:原创  浏览量:2531

     In order to actively respond to the company's call of "building a learning enterprise" and comprehensively improve the quality of employees, the company organized a "reading month" activity themed with "reading frequently to strengthen intelligence, improve myself and repay the society" on December 20, 2011 to February 20, 2012.

    The assigned bibliography of this reading month activity is "Who are you working for" recommended by fortune 500 enterprises. All employees of the company actively participated in and carefully studied the book, and wrote a large number of articles with true feelings based on their own work. A total of 99 entries were called for. After strict examination and approval by the jury, the first, second and third prizes were awarded, and the company gave commendations and awards to the winners. 

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