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The company's outdoor sealed-type high-power rectifier has been successfully put into operation in Europe and has been well received praise by customers

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KR11017A outdoor sealed high-power rectifier KHS-2*19.1KA/610V applied in BIGAN plant in Belgium; 

KR11017B outdoor sealed high-power rectifier KHS-2*19.1KA/570V applied in BIGAN plant in Belgium;

KR11016 outdoor sealed high-power rectifier KHS-2*19.5KA/785V and supporting power compensation device applied to TAVAUX factory in France;

The above three projects have been put into operation successfully in early December 2012 after nearly 200 days of careful installation and commissioning and hard work by the company's engineers and technicians. After nearly one month of operation, the various parameters of the products have been running stably, and customers have highly praised the company's products for their advancement, reliability and stability.

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