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CAI Jianhe, vice minister of the organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee came to the company to inspect and guide the party construction work

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     On the afternoon of July 16, 2015, CAI Jianhe, vice minister of organization Department of Provincial Party Committee, accompanied by Peng Aihua, Minister of Organization of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee, and Xie Gaojin, secretary of High-tech Zone Party Committee, inspected and guided the party construction work of the company. First listen to the chairman of the board of directors of the company Mr Ding Jinsong comrade of 2015 companies operating situation report, then listened to the company party branch secretary comrade Zhang Fuliang company party branch work report in recent years, visited the company party activity room, and how is the current company pays special attention to the party construction work, helping enterprises rapid development put forward new and higher requirements.

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