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The company held happy New Year party in 2018

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     On the afternoon of December 29, 2017, the company's 2018 New Year joy gathering successfully held in the multi-functional conference room on the fourth floor of the office building. Mr. Ding Jinsong, chairman of the company, Dr. Li Yungang, general manager of the company, and all the leaders and staff of the company gathered together to watch the performance. They all acted as audiences and actors, wrote and directed their own works, and welcomed the arrival of The New Year 2018 with various forms of performance. Under the guidance of the host's ingenuity, 26 programs, including chorus, poem recitation, talk show, three-half period and flute solo, were closely connected and brilliant, and won applause from the audience. In the joy meeting also interspersed with on-site lucky draw activities, with the third prize, second prize, first prize draw, constantly set off the climax of the joy meeting. The success of this happy meeting not only greatly invigorates the cultural life of the staff, but also shows the spirit of devotion and dedication of the staff, and further inspires the lofty aspiration of the staff to unite as one and work hard.


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