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The company has started the New Year with overseas orders

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     At the beginning of the New Year, good news came from overseas market, the company's high-power integrated rectifier products beat international competitors, and again obtained the order of 3 sets of high-power integrated rectifier products from a large chemical manufacturer in India.

    In recent years, the integration of high power rectifier devices products of the company with excellent product performance, fast and efficient quality services, the Indian market alone won seven large chemical metallurgy factory orders, there are more than 100 / sets of products in the Indian market running 24 hours a day, the company's products has received high recognition of Indian customers.

    With the promotion of the national "One Belt And One Road" policy, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has accelerated the process of going abroad, and the company has also accelerated the pace of expanding its territory in the overseas market.

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