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The party branch of the company organizes party members to visit and study Qiu Jin's former residence

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      On the morning of June 30th, the party branch of the company organized some party members and active applicants at company to visit and study at Qiu Jin's former residence, and held the second quarter themed Party day activities. During visit study, everybody listened attentively to the explanation of the commentator, further understood Qiu Jin martyr to participate in the early revolutionary activity some moving deeds. Martyr Qiu Jin was a hero in the early stages of the Awakening of the Chinese nation. She devoted her young life to the noble cause of fighting against feudalism and striving for national liberation. Through the visit to study, we have said that we must follow the example of the martyrs, step by step to do their own work, and further give full play to the vanguard of the communist exemplary role, for the "Made in China 2025" and the new era of social and economic development to make our own due contributions.


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