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Warmly celebrate the successful operation startup of Shandong Dongyue chlor-alkali ion membrane caustic soda modification upgrading project

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       Dongyue Group is as listed on the main board of Hong Kong enterprises, owns the largest production base of fluorosilicon materials in Asia, and is the leading enterprise in China's fluorosilicon industry. The company has a large number of independent intellectual property rights in new environmental protection, new materials, new energy and other fields, and breaks a number of foreign technological monopolies in new environmental protection refrigerants, fluorosilicone high-tech materials, ion membrane technology and other aspects, realizing the substitution of domestic products.

       This project is to update 8 sets of rectifier equipment with rated output current and voltage of 24KA-350V.From November 6, 2019, when the first device was disassembled and installed, to November 20, 2019, when the last device was started, it only took 14 days for all eight sets of equipment to be put into operation smoothly. After the equipment is put into operation, the technical parameters are excellent and highly praised by customers.


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