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Hunan High power Rectifier System Engineering and Technology Research Center was approved for construction

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       According to the department of Hunan province "inform about to declare the 2019 innovative Hunan province construction special innovation platform " Xiang KeJi [2019] no. 56 file spirit, our company power rectifier system engineering technology research center of Hunan province to declare the recommended form of declaration, examination, expert review, field investigation and application has been approved for the project construction.

      With 21 years of experience in R&D, design and manufacturing of high-power rectifier system, Kori converter is the key enterprise in the industry of high-power rectifier system in China, and its product technology has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level. At present, the products have been exported to Belgium, France, Switzerland and other 30 countries, more than 1600 sets of rectifier equipment in the world's five continents with 24 hours non-stop operation.

      The construction of Hunan High power rectifier System Engineering and Technology Research Center aims to study and formulate the key and common technologies for its development, form independent intellectual property rights, formulate corresponding industry standards, and create a complete scientific system around the high power rectifier system in the mode of combining industry, universities and research institutes. To build an advanced high-power rectifier system development platform integrating technology development, application research, achievement transformation and talent training, to lead and support the sustainable development of the industry.

     The project construction of Hunan High power rectifier System Engineering and Technology Research Center is a concrete measure to implement Made in China 2025 and Five-year Action plan of Strong Manufacturing province in Hunan province. It is of great significance to improve the technical level of China's high power rectifier equipment and promote the high-quality development of power electronic equipment supporting industry.

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