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The company held the 2019 annual summary commendation meeting

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      On the morning of January 21, 2020, the company held the "2019 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference" in the multimedia conference room on the fourth floor of the office building. The meeting was presided over by Mr Zhang Fuliang, secretary of the Party branch of the company. At the meeting,the general manager Of the company, Dr. Li Yungang, comprehensively summarized the work of the company in 2019, made preliminary arrangements for the work in 2020, and the chairman, Mr. Ding Jinsong, made an important speech.

     Conference recognized and rewarded of 2019 annual "advanced party, excellent staff, advanced workers, best newcomer", the company leadership awarded for the winners honorary certificate, handed out bonuses and took a group photo, hope in the New Year to continue to work hard, make a greater contribution to steady development for the company.


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