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How to choose high-power DC power supply properly

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     High-power DC power supplies can provide continuous and stable power to meet the requirements of the load, and play an important role in power supply technology. When running the power supply, we often encounter situations where the current cannot be adjusted. What are the causes of these problems?

    The main technical parameters to be considered when choosing a high-power DC power supply manufacturer are: power supply output power, power supply size, power supply output voltage circuit number, ambient temperature, insulation strength, etc.

       In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is recommended that the power supply work at 50%-80% of the rated load.

     Try to choose the manufacturer which meets the standard power supply, including standard size and output.

     The output voltage channel of the required power supply, the fewer opportunities to choose a standard power supply. At the same time, increasing the number of output voltages will increase the cost. At present, multiple output power supplies mostly use three-way or four-way circuits. Therefore, in the choice of power supply, the number of output channels should be reduced as much as possible, and multiple output common ground power supplies should be selected.

     When the power supply is working, it will consume part of the power and release its heat. Therefore, users should consider the heat dissipation of the power supply when designing a system (especially a closed system). If the system can form a good natural convection duct, and the power supply is located on the air duct, then natural cooling power supply can be considered; when the system is poorly ventilated or the internal temperature of the system is high, air cooling power supply can be considered.

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